Leaders Master Mind Group

4-week Master Mind group for leadership growth and development. I have never seen growth in a leader more than in a group of other leaders who share a common purpose. The online Master Mind group allows you to learn, share and develop your leadership goals along side others. I’ve made it easy to join by phone or at your own computer during your lunch hour. And if you miss a session you can hear the recorded version at your convenience

This is for…

•Wanting to be in a leadership role
•Anyone ready to grow their influence now
•Currently in a leadership role; whether it’s been 6 months or 60 years
Our focus
  • Week 1: Leadership Challenges and Myths
  • Week 2: Leading Up: How to influence your leader
  • Week 3: Leading Across: How to influence your peers
  • Week 4: Leading Down: How to influence your followers

You’ll get the most out of this group call if you read the book along with us. Order it here: 360 Degree Leader